Terms of Service
  • On successful completion of free trial classes, you will have to decide whether you want to continue or not.
  • When you decide to start classes, you will have to pay the monthly fees in advance, due date of submission of fee is the week of every month.
  • In case you need to put on hold the classes for 2 weeks and intend to continue with same tutor at the same time once you would resume, then "mualimulquran" will charge the half fee per student for reservation of the slot for you with the same tutor
  • For leave less then 2 weeks, it is considered as leave from your side and there is no make up for that and it will be paid if you keep the same schedule and same tutor as we can not utilize the time for any other students.
  • If any student remains absent for more than two weeks without prior notice so no refund will be entertained as per our Terms of service.
  • If the student doesn't come in any class due to problem at his/her side, it is not necessery for mualimulquran to makeup his / her classes.
  • If student doesn't come in any class without prior notice (except in case of extreme emergency), absent will be marked in our record and not necessary to arrange makeup class. Make up classes can be arranged upon availability of any tutor on the required time.
  • For cancelation of a class any day, its student responsibility to inform administration on the Skype or phone or email us at least 3 hours earlier to avail the makeup class
  • In case the teacher resigns / suspended, students will be provided new Quran tutor and students will not remain in touch with any individual, thus "mualimulquran" is a very registered institute from government of Pakistan.
  • "MulalimulQuran" will increase charges of every student according to the terms of service that is 7% of fee every year at the end of the year of the Gregorian calendar.
  • "MulalimulQuran" reserves the right to change teacher anytime if needed for quality teaching purposes
  • Student will not discuss any payments and your contact details with the tutors as in case of any security issue or demage "Mualimulquran" will not be responsible
  • "MualimulQuran" may revise its Terms of Service & Conditions at any time those would be updated on website as well
  • These Terms of Service and conditions are applicable on all students


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